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Battle Frontier

To access mode Battle Frontier , Complete the game for the first time.

Vídrio objects

On Route 113, to the right of Fallobour Town, you will find the house of a man who will turn the ashes that you bring him into glass objects. To collect ash, camnia for grass areas covered by it.

Unlockable Requirements
Black flute Walk 10.000 steps for the ashes.
Blue flute Walk 250 steps through the ashes.
Pretty chair Walk 6.000 steps for the ashes.
Nice desk Walk 8.000 steps for the ashes.
Red flute Walk 500 steps through the ashes.
White flute Walk 1.000 steps for the ashes.
Yellow flute Walk 500 steps through the ashes.

National Pokédex

To get him National Pokédex , defeat the Four elite . Professor Birch will give it to you once you have defeated them and go to leave your home.

Ancient cave

To access the Ancient cave , win the four elite. You will find the cave in the Route 103 .

Take GSC Pokémon in the Safari area

Afterés to defeat the four éLite, you see the Safari area, where you can get new Pokémon GSC, such as Houndour, Aipom, Stantler, Mareep or Miltank. You can only get this in the Pokémon Esmeralda edition.

Fishing sacks

To get the CAñVieja, go to Ciudad Dewford and talk to the fisherman next to the gym. To get a CAñA good, talk to the fisherman on Route 118, east of Villa Mauville. To get the super cañA, you see the house north of the MossdeEp City Space Center, where a man will give it to you.

Scott Awards

Talk to Scott at home, in Battle Frontier. Depending on your achievements in the area, you will give you some gifts or other.

Unlockable Requirements
Gold shield Win 100 battles.
LANSAT BAYA Get all silver symbols.
Silver shield Win 50 battles.
Star Baya Get all golden symbols.

Special unlockable Pokémon

Unlockable Requirements
Beldum Look at Steven’s house after beating the four elite.
Castform Eliminates the rival team at the Time Institute.
Chikorita, Cyndaquil or Totodile Complete 200 Hoenn Pokémon.
Deoxys Get the aurara ticket, and go to Birth Island.
Groudon Win the four elite and see the terrestrial lair.
HO-OH/LUGIA Get the mystical ticket and see Navel Island.
Kyogre Excuse the four elite and see the sea lair.
Latias latios Win the four elite and watch television at the bottom of your house.
Latias latios Mix the games saved with one of Zafiro or Rubí with the Eon Ticket, and you see the South Island.
MEW Get the letter from the old sea and see Faraway Island.
Rayquaza Get the magma and the water to remove Kyogre and Groudon from the cave. Then you see the Pilar del Cielo.
Trecko, Torchic, or Mudkip Professor Birch helps escape the wild Pokémon.

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