PLANTS VS TRICKS. Zombies 2: It’s About Time – iPhone – Cheat codes, Guides


News in the gameplay against the first floors against zombies:

In battles against zombies there are two main novelties:

Nutrients: They are items that release the zombies that shine and that will allow the plant that we sign will make a special attack. This attack varies by plant: Sunflower generates many suns sudden… We can accumulate three at the beginning, but this amount will increase.

Power-ups: They are special attacks that we will use by spending game coins, and makes us “get the hand” for a few seconds in battle. They allow us to deca. They cost coins , that we will win in each battle.

Unlock plants and levels: The different paths of a world are unlocked or paying or using cheat codes. These cheat codes will be obtained throughout the levels of fallen enemies. The different worlds of the game are unlocked using stars or paying, to get stars we must pass the main levels of a level, achieving up to three stars to overcome it with special objectives. There are also loose levels that will give us a star.


Sunflowers at the beginning: Use the first game moments to plant sunflowers. In the first seconds of each level, very few zombies attack you, and it is time to plant sunflowers to get soles and thus receive more and more to be able to plant the defensive plants. If when you are in full plantation of soles a zombie appears, place a mine (25 soles) at the end of the line through which it moves to continue taking advantage of the suns to plant sunflowers.

Plant the sunflowers on the left, at the end of your lines, and never plants more than two rows because a time will come when you will generate more than enough sun.

Use nutrients well: Use the nutrients intelligently, since it is good to save and use them when we truly need them. If we are only going to use them against a zombie, it may be better to put one more floor (which we were already going to put in the future) and thus end it. In case you have filled your nutrient meter and there is one floating on stage, Use the extra nutrient in a sunflower To produce a lot of soles.

Use the Power-ups only in extreme situations: Power-ups cost coins, which we will get little by little, so we should only use them in extreme situations, when we are about to lose and have no choice but to resort to them if we do not want to start the level again.

Take your defense well: The appearance of enemies is random and difficult to predict, so it is important to raise a more or less powerful defense in the five lines. The plants that trigger several lines at the same time we must place them in the three central lines, since the extra shooting will be missing if we place them on the side.

Depending on the order in which enemies appear, it advances or delays your plans to strengthen a line. If a line is not receiving any zombie, it is not necessary to put that defensive plant yet, while perhaps another needs reinforcements before.

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