Mario & Sonic cheats at the Olympic Games: Rio 2016 – Wii U – Cheat codes, Guides

Unlockable characters

Exceeds its records in the respective sports after winning a medal in the tournament mode. These characters are not available for other sports.

Diddy Kong exceeds Level 1 in Rugby Sevens Tournament.

Dry Bowser exceeds level 2 of javelin.

Espio exceeds level 2 of the triple jump.

Jetsupera level 1 football.

Larrysupera level 2 of the equestrian event.

Nabbitsupera level 2 of the 100 meters.

Rosalina exceeds level 1 of rhythmic gymnastics.

ROUGESUPERA LEVEL 1 of beach volleyball.

Sticks exceeds level 2 archery.

Toadsupera level 2 of 4×100 meters.

Wavesupera level 1 of the BMX event.

Wendysupera The swimming level 2.


Zazzsupera The Ping Pong level 1.

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