Harvest Moon cheats: The tree of tranquility – wii – cheat codes, guides

Create the 5 rainbow , Wake up to the Harvest goddess , Make it Travel backpack and preséNthe your child to access a new option: New Game+ , where you can play as your child in a new one (although IDéNtica to the previous one) island, retaining all your money earned, as well as the objects you already possess.

Easily increase Shelly’s health level

Every time you talk to Shelly and ask for a backpack improvement, Shelly will win heart points (even if you don’t have the necessary objects to make an improvement). This is useful because the money you win in the tailoring is based only on Shelly’s heart level.

Quickly increase your neighbors’ affection

Every day you can increase the affection of the rest of the inhabitants by 10% of heart giving them gifts until they stop accepting them. Give gifts that do not want to decrease their affection, but then you can give them extra objects to recover lost affection. There is no limit for the number of unwanted objects that you can deliver, and once you have reached the level of zero affection, it cannot lower more. On the other hand, if you continue giving unwanted objects to an inhabitant, this will proportionally increase the number of objects that said inhabitant wants. In this way, you can give a lot of unwanted gifts and then give away the gifts that the inhabitant wants more easily (because you will have more to choose from).

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