Guide and cheats for Simcity Buildit – How to get money and more!

Simcity Buildit cheats for iPhone

We show you all the cheats for Simcity Buildit and everything you need to know about this game.

Simcity Buildit It is a free mobile application, which brings us the success of the Urban manager at our fingertips . The power of a mayor in the whore of your index. Or your thumb. Or with what the hell are going to touch the screen, we don’t get there.

With Buildit Your city will always be with you wherever you go, even on those long trips by subway to work. Predate to be the mayor that your city needs? Or at least, the one who has had to suffer…

How to get money?

For all You need simoleons, the game currency . So a mayor who boasts always has full pockets. As you can not walk here, resorting to accounting engineering or anything like that, you will have to get simoleons taking advantage of the system of game. It is not exactly a trick, but it is so basic that you can overlook.

We do not talk about hacks or exploits , We will simply explain the right way to maximize your benefits legally playing. Actually, if you follow our Tips to play You’ll be fine, but the key is in Building improvement .


  • Build a building.
  • When you improve You get simoleons as a reward .
  • Always focus on improving buildings before building a new.
  • It will seem silly but It is the simplest, quick and direct source of income of the whole game.

Of course you have Many systems to get money In other ways, such as with sales in the central deposit that we mentioned above, or if you want, paying microtransactions .

Download Simcity Buildit Free

The application, as we have indicated, It is completely free . For the least equipped with this looking for applications, we leave you the download links to be able to get with it. For even less wasp, remember that It is a mobile application :

  • Simcity Buildit in the App Store (iPhone and iPad).
  • Simcity Buildit for Android.
  • Simcity Buildit on Amazon Apps.

The game already has lots of expansions , which implies a huge amount of content, buildings, improvements… ˇVas to throw lots of hours if you like!

You can play on PC?

Technically yes, it is possible And without resorting to piracy Nothing like that. exist PC mobile emulators , that allows you to play Great successes Very recent. We recommend you BLUSTACKS , one of the best known, effective and easy to use.


Play without connection

If you have been Simcity player surely remember That disaster with the mandatory permanent connection for one of your last deliveries. So you surely have the big doubt. Can I play Simcity Buildit without the Internet? Yes you can . The system works like this:

  • While you are connected, the game Save the game on the servers .
  • If you lose connection, The game is saved on the device on which you are playing .
  • The game will continue to keep locally until you connect again, and then will be stored again on the servers .
  • Keep in mind that if you are without connection and change your device, you will logically lose the local game, you will only have access to the last save you have on the servers.
  • You cannot access the cities of other players , of course.
  • You can’t access the store to buy SimCash, but if you already have Simcash, you can exchange it for simoleons.

Tips to play

When creating your city, you have to Always have these goals :

  • Check the happiness of your citizens. If they lack something, try to give it to him.
  • Improve The buildings you have built (priority to improve before creating new buildings, unless it is to give happiness to citizens).
  • Create new buildings , especially factories to produce donuts or bricks, which are sold very quickly and easily in the central tank.
  • Visit other cities . If you have friends whose cities up, you will get gift packages with money and objects that you can sell.
  • Use the Central deposit , This is a global point of sale. You will have to be attentive to the state of the market, to see what should buy, what do you have to sell expensive, etc.

Simcity Buildit - City Fund 2

This should be the constant cycle day by day, check happiness, make sure there are sufficient services, see what can improve, grow, collect/sell and repeat.

Club battle

The game offers a kind of PVP mode in which you send disasters From a mayor club to another. Simply decide who you want to have gresca. The one who sends the deadliest disasters will win the battle, and get various rewards .

Simcity Buildit - Mayors Club

Don’t worry about damaged buildings because once the “fight” ends the damage they have suffered is reversed.

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