Cheats the Sims 4, all the cheat codes that exist (2023)

Sims 4 cheats for PC

Here you will find all cheats for the Sims 4 well explained and detailed, cheats of money, construction, needs…

The Sims 4 is a life simulation game that allows you to live one or many lives As we want, facing all its consequences, of course.

However, what better way to know all the possibilities that the game offers that through the Use of cheats, cheat codes and codes ? Thanks to all these cheats you can get all the money Whether you want to make your Sims rich and build the mansion of your dreams or to perform a lot of special effects and actions to achieve your goals before or simply increase the hours of play and fun. These cheats will not only help you standard version of the Sims 4, but also for their expansions and additional content packs both in PC and Mac like in PS4 and Xbox One consoles .

How to activate the cheats in the Sims 4 for PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One?

For Start introducing and activating cheats , codes and commands in the Sims 4 on any of its platforms, first you have to click at the same time A series of cheat codes or buttons of the control, in this way you will appear a console of cheats in which you can start writing the traps (to close it, just click the same cheat codes/buttons).

This is The combination of cheat codes or buttons To put cheats in the Sims 4:

  • In Mac: CMD + CRIMES + C
  • On PS4: L1 + L2 + R1 + R2
  • In Xbox One: LB + LT + RB + RT

Remember that you must also introduce the code: testingcheats on (Only necessary for certain cheats, but it is better to always have it activated, otherwise some cheats will not work for you). Then you just have to start entering one of the following codes.

Here are the complete list with the best Cheats for Sims 4 on PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One (It is possible that some cheats no longer work due to the succession of game updates).

Money cheats

  • Motherlode : You get 50,000 simoleons.
  • Kaching: You get 1000 simoleons.
  • Rosebud: You get 1000 simoleons.
  • FREEALEALTATE [ON/ OFF]: It allows you to buy all the houses for free, but there is always used from the map before buying a house
  • Sims.MODIFY_FUNDS [NUMBER]: Ańadir or subtract the indicated money, is fixed depending on the numerical value you enter (it can be a negative value) Example: Sims.Modify_funds 330
  • Money [number]: modify your money to the exact amount you enter, Example: Money 100000 (only available on PC)
  • Households.Autopay_bills [True/False]>: The invoices are paid automatically and without having anything.


Varied cheats

  • FPS [ON/ OFF]: Show the play fps
  • Help: shows the console commands
  • Fullscreen: Put the game full screen
  • Testingcheats On: allows the use of specific cheats.
  • resetsim [name] [surname]: Reset the SIM in question
  • Death.Toggle [True/ False]: deactivate death for your sim
  • Sims.spawnsimple [number]: Ańade and generate a quantity of sims according to the value entered and the years to your home
  • Sims.stir_all_buffs: Eliminate your SIM states
  • Sims.Fill_all_commodities: Fill all the needs of a SIM
  • stats.fill_commodities_household: Fill all the needs of the domestic unit.
  • HeadlineEffects [ON/OFF]: deactivate the icons on top of the heads
  • Change object sizes: click on the object in the construction mode and:
    • On Spanish keyboard: Keep SHIFT and press the cheat codes: or ? To enlarge or shrink the object, move the mouse if it takes to change.
    • On a American keyboard: keep Shift and press the cheat codes: ] or [to enlarge or shrink the object, move the mouse if it takes to change.
  • BB.Moveobjects: allows to move and combine objects freely in construction mode. You can climb or lower the objects by clicking on cheat codes 9 and 0
  • BB.showhiddenobjects: shows all objects hidden in construction mode.
  • BB.enablefreebuild: Build where you want
  • BB.IgnoregameplayunLockentitiment: eliminates profession construction requirements in certain objects. Use in construction and refresh mode.
  • Sims.give_satitionion_pints [x]: Ańde the fallen satisfaction points, example: Sims.give_satitionion_points 1000
  • Fillmotive [value]: It increases to the maximum the need you want, introduces as value the following commands in the value section to obtain the desired effects: eg: Fillmotive motive_hunger:
    • motivate_bladder: Bladder needs
    • Motive_Hunger: eat
    • Motive_energy: energy
    • motivate_fun: fun
    • SOCIAL MOTIVE: social
    • motivate_hygiene: hygiene

Special Testing Cheats cheats activated


  • Before using these cheats is essential that Testingcheats On has been introduced first .
  • Keep in mind that going out to the map or entering the editor again deactivates testingcheats, so you will have to introduce it again.

Keep SHIFT + click on a SIM and several options will come out:

  • Modify needs> make happy : Sim happiness increases to the maximum.
  • Modify needs> deactivate descent from needs : The needs will be blocked and will not go down.
  • Modify needs> activate descent of needs : Deactivates / activates the anterior trick.
  • Edit in Cas/ Cus: Allow you to modify your full SIM aspect from the editor
  • Ańadir to domestic unit: Includes the SIM selected in your domestic unit.
  • Restore object (purification) : Reset the sim or object in question.

Keep Shift and click on your home and these options will appear:

  • Alter needs> Fill out needs (domestic unit): Increases the needs of the Sims from the house to the fullest.
  • Alter needs> Fill out needs (world): Increases the world’s sims needs.
  • Alter needs> deactivate descent of needs (domestic unit): The needs of the houses of the house do not go down.
  • Alter needs> deactivate descent of needs (world): The needs of the Sims in the world do not go down.
  • Alter needs> Activate Descent of Needs (Domestic Unit): Returns the descent of needs for the Sims of the house.
  • Alter needs> Activate Descent of Needs (World): Returns the decrease in needs of all the Sims in the world.


  • Dirty: If the object can get dirty, as a sink will get dirty.
  • Clean: If an object is dirty, you can clean it automatically.

Keep prescribed shift + click on the ground for:

  • Teletransport me here: Teletransporta to the SIM to the indicated place

Profession of profession

Careers.Add_Career [profession]: It gives your SIM a profession, to choose the profession introduces the indicated profession in the place indicated by the brackets. Example: Careers.Add_Career Writer

Available professions list:

  • Entertainer (entertainment)
  • Painter (painter)
  • Athletic (athlete)
  • Business (Business Lord)
  • Secret Agent (Secret Agent)
  • Writer (writer)
  • Culinary (cook)
  • Criminal (criminal)
  • Astronaut (astronaut)
  • Tech Guru (Technology Guru)
  • Doctor – Only with the DLC ˇa work!
  • Scientist (scientist) – Only with the DLC ˇa work!
  • Detective – Only with the DLC ˇa work!
  • Activist (political) – Only with the DLC Urbanitas
  • Social (social media professional) – Only with the DLC Urbanitas
  • Critic (critic) – Only with the DLC Urbanitas
  • Barista (cafeteria employee): only for teenagers
  • Babysitter (girl caregiver): only for teenagers
  • Teen_retail (seller): only for teenagers
  • Manual (waiter): For teenagers
  • Fastfood (fast food employee): For teenagers
  • Careers.Demote [profession]: you lower a level in your job
  • Careers.Promote [profession]: You increase a level in your job
  • Careers.stir_career [profession]: You leave your work.
  • Careers.retire [profession]: You retire in that profession
  • Careers.Promote Gradeschool: Increases school level.
  • Careers.Promote Highschool: Increases institute level.

Pregnancy cheats

  • Debug.pregnancy_force_female: Select the mother while two sims are having sex, so that they have a baby that is girl.
  • Debug.pregnancy_force_male: Select the mother while two sims are having sex, so that they have a baby that is child.
  • Sims.get_sim_id_by_name [name] [last name]: It gives you the desired Sim ID, it serves for the following trick.
  • PREGNANCY.Force_offspring_count [ID] [number of children]: Once the ID of the Ebarazada Sim is obtained, introduce the ID and the number of children designed to have twins, trillions .. etc. Max 8. Example: Pregnancy.FORCE_Offspring_count 1234778866579 3:

Cheats for DLCs

Some of the expansions have More cheats, apart from the generals . That is, you have practically all the cheats you know so far but, in addition, there are a few exclusive for some DLCS.

Gourmet getaway cheats

These are all the cheats you can introduce for expansion Gourmet getaway of the Sims 4:

  • Bucks.unlock_perk recommendedishsocial True: Curious clients (Curious Customers)
  • Bucks.unlock_perk additionalwaiter_1 True: Unlock an additional waiter.
  • Bucks.unlock_perk additionalwaiter_2 True: Unlock an additional second waiter.
  • Bucks.unlock_perk ingredientqualityptions True: Unlock the quality options of the ingredients (Ingredient Quality Options)
  • Bucks.Unlock_perk Morecustomers True: Customers go crazy for your food (Meal Rush).
  • Bucks.unlock_perk ingredientcostdiscount True: Unlock Surplus Harvest Skill.
  • Bucks.Unlock_perk lengthenimpatienceitimeut True: Patient Patrons unlocks, customers don’t get impatient to wait for their dishes.
  • Bucks.unlock_perk additionchef True: Unlock an additional chef.
  • Bucks.unlock_perk recommendedishfrequency True: Unlock the improved version of Curioto Customers.
  • Bucks.unlock_perk inspirationalSpeechsocial True: Unlock the motivating discourse.
  • Bucks.Unlock_perk Eatfaster True: Customers eat faster (but they pay the same, don’t worry).
  • Bucks.unlock_perk lowremployeetrainingcost true: It makes it cheaper to prepare your employees.
  • Bucks.unlock_perk cheaperingredients_1 True: Activate the discount for ingredients.
  • Bucks.unlock_perk cheaperingredients_2 True: Activate a greater discount for ingredients.
  • Bucks.Unlock_perk Expensiveorders True: Activate the most expensive prices.
  • Bucks.unlock_perk riskfreeemarkup trur: Customers leave better tips.
  • Bucks.unlock_perk lowchanbadevents_small true: makes less accidents.
  • Bucks.unlock_perk chefshat True: Unlock the chef hat.

Vampire cheats

These are all the cheats you can introduce for expansion Vampires of the Sims 4:

  • stats.set_stat comodity_becomingvampire 2160: The process begins to turn your sim and vampire.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_occultvampire: You become a vampire immediately.
  • Traits.stir_trait trait_occultvampire: You stop being a vampire immediately.
  • stats.Set_stat RANKEDSTATISTIC_OCCULT_VAMPIREXP1593: Maximize your vampire range. In addition, every time you type it, you get 2 points of power.

Cheats for adventure in the jungle

These are all the cheats you can introduce for expansion Adventure in the jungle of the Sims 4:

  • stats.set_skill_level minor_localculture 5: Maximize your causing culture level.
  • stats.Set_skill_level Major_archaeology 10: Maximize your archeology skill level.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_jungleExplorer: You get hunter skill, to easily detect more treasures and relics.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_archaeology: You get the investment ability of the museum, which allows you to donate artifacts to the museum.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Poison: poison your sim and kill it instantly.
  • Sims.Add_buff Cases_Markedfordeath_common: If you try to repair something, you will die electrocuted.
  • Sims.Add_buff Cases_Markedfordeath_rare: Your Sim will be poisoning and you will have three days to cure or die.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_hidden_Skeleton_Serviceskeleton: Your SIM becomes a skeleton.
  • Sims.Add_buff buff_skeleton: AńAde the blessing of the bones to your SIM (it makes you a skeleton for 12 hours).
  • Sims.stir_buff buff_skeleton: Eliminates the blessing of the bones instantly.

Cheats for dads and moms

These are all the cheats you can introduce for expansion Pades and moms of the Sims 4:

In this specific case you have to make a small additional indication: in the following cheats you must Replace N for a value between -100 and 100 (both inclusive) to determine the baby level, child or adolescent in a certain field. The greater the values when they reach maturity, the better rewards will receive your sims.

  • stats.set_stat lifeskillstatstic_conflictresolution n: establishes the level of conflict resolution.
  • stats.set_stat lifeskillstatstic_emotionalcontrol n: establishes the level of self -control.
  • stats.set_stat lifeskillstatistics_empathy n: Establish the level of empathy.
  • stats.set_stat lifeskillstatistics_manners n: establishes the level of education.
  • stats.set_stat lifeskillstatistics_scripensability n: establishes the level of responsibility.

Once the SIM becomes an adult, it will have some or the other characteristics according to the statistics in the five previous fields that we have just indicated. The following cheats allow to activate or deactivate the “reward” characteristics of the SIM upon reaching adulthood .

In all cheats replace encap with equipment if you want to activate a feature or stir if you want to eliminate it . That is, traits.Equ Trait Lifeskills Good Manners activates that feature, while Traits.stir TRIT LIFESKILLS_GOODMANERS would deactivate the.

  • Traits.Enpp trait lifeskills_goodmanners: Good education.
  • Traits.Enpp trait lifeskills_badmanners: Bad Education.
  • Traits.Enpp Trait Life Skills Responsible: Responsibility.
  • Traits.Encap trait lifeskills_irnsible: Irresponsibility.
  • Traits.Encap trait lifeskills_unfeeling: Insensitive.
  • Traits.Encap trait lifeskills_mediator: Mediator.
  • Traits.Enpp Trait Lifeskills Argumentative: Follonero.
  • Traits.Encap trait lifeskills_emotionalcontrol: Emotional control.
  • Traits.Encap trait lifeskills_Centrolledemotion: Uncontrolled emotions.

Dogs and cat cheats

These are all the cheats you can introduce for expansion Dogs and cats of the Sims 4:

  • Bucks.unlock_perk additionalvet_1 True: Unlock an additional veterinarian.
  • Bucks.unlock_perk additionalovet_2 True: Unlock an extra second veterinarian.
  • Bucks.unlock_perk vetperks_morecustomers True: Increases customer flow.
  • Bucks.unlock_perk vetperks_lengthenimpatientimaout thue: Customers take longer to get impatient for waiting.
  • Bucks.unlock_perk vetperks_inspirationalspeechsocial True: Get the motivating speech skill.
  • Bucks.unlock_perk vetperks_lowerempployeetrainingcost true: Reduce the cost of preparing your employees.
  • Bucks.unlock_perk vetperks_unlockcasitem True: You get a special laboratory robe for the SIM.
  • Bucks.Unlock_perk Supplyquality True: It allows you to change the quality of veterinian resources.

Cheats for ˇrumbo to fame!

These are all the cheats you can introduce for expansion ˇRumbo to fame! of the Sims 4:

  • tats.Set_skill_level Major_acting 5: For level 5 of action.
  • stats.Set_skill_level Major_acting 10: For level 10 of action.
  • stats.Set_skill_level Major_Mediaproduction 5: replace the number to change the level you want to raise.
  • ModifyrelationHip yourfircestname yourlastname their own their orlastname 50: ltr_friendShip_main: To improve the relationship with a famous
  • Careers.Promote Dramaclub: For children to improve in their career.

Cheats for Isleń

These are all the cheats you can introduce for expansion Island life of the Sims 4:

  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_occultmaid: Transform yourself into a siren (if you want to return the character to your original state, enter traits.Stir_trait trait_occultmaid).

For Ańadir a trait Introduce Traits.Equip_trait x and to eliminate the traits.Stir_trait traitcode. The “X” is the feature you can choose, between one of the following:

  • Trait_islandancets: invokes ghosts of the island.
  • Trait_childoftheocean: Sea activities that grant peace.
  • Trait_naturalSpeaker: Give your SIM environmental knowledge.
  • Trait_frondofthease: You will be friends with Delfines and Sirens.

Cheats to modify the island:

If you like change or modify the appearance of the island , You can introduce any of the following cheats:

  • Narrative.Start_narrative narrative_islandconservation_stage_starting: initial stage of the island.
  • Narrative.Start_narrative narrative_islandconservation_stage_intermediate: average stage of the island.
  • Narrative.Start_narrative narrative_islandconservation_stage_final: Final stage of the island.
  • Volcanic Eruption Small: Active small volcanic activity.
  • Volcanic Eruption Large: Active large volcanic activity.

Cheats for the Kingdom of Magic

These are all the cheats you can introduce for expansion The Kingdom of Magic of the Sims 4:

  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_occult_witchoccult: Turn your Sim into a sorcerer.
  • Traits.stir_trait trait_occult_witchoccult: makes your SIM again an ordinary sim.
  • Traits.Equip_trait trait_occult_witchoccult_bloodlineweak: Weak lineage.
  • Traits.Equip_trait trait_occult_witchoccult_bloodlinstrong: Strong lineage.
  • Traits.Equip_trait trait_occult_witchoccult_bloodlineancient: Ancestral lineage.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_knowledge_slingoRofspells: efficient sorceress.
  • Traits.Equip_trait trait_nature_mastermixer: master mixer.
  • Traits.equip_trait trait_cauldron_potion_immortaly: Immortal.
  • Traits.Equip_trait trait_ghost_curses_nightTalker_stalker: Turn the SIM into a night spectrum.
  • Traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_cauldron_potion_immortaly_failure: I should turn SIM temporarily.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_ghost_withoverload: Death due to magic overload.
  • Traits.Equip_trait trait_magic_marketstall_spectrallook: The SIM will look spectral, but it will not be a ghost.

Strengthening levels:

The Sorcery levels From your SIM they can also change with the following cheats:

  • stats.Set_stat Rankedstatstic_witchoccult_witchxp 50: SIM reaches the neophyte level.
  • stats.Set_stat Rankedstatstic_witchoccult_witchxp 350: SIM reaches the acolyte level.
  • stats.Set_stat RANKEDSTATISTIC_Witchoccult_witchxp 850: SIM reaches the adept level.
  • stats.Set_stat RANKEDSTATISTIC_Witchoccult_witchxp 1550: The SIM reaches the master level.
  • stats.Set_stat RANKEDSTATISTIC_Witchoccult_witchxp 2350: Your SIM reaches the virtuous level.
  • stats.Set_stat RANKEDSTATISTIC_Witchoccult_witchxp 2850: Your SIM will have the maximum level of experience.

Strengthery advantages:

You can also introduce cheats to change the advantages of sorcery . For these cheats you need Know the ID of the SIM involved, for this you can introduce sims.get_sim_id_by_name [name] [last name]. Once you know the ID you only have one of the next two cheats writing in the “name of the foregoing” the desired command of the lower list.

  • Bucks.unlock_perk name of the True 49153 [Simid]: Unlock the indicated advantage.
  • Bucks.lock_perk name of thevantaja 49153 [Simid]: Block the indicated advantage.
  • witchperks_alchemy_1_BLEENDARM: Batter arm.
  • witchperks_alchemy_2_frugalcombinations: frugal combination.
  • witchperks_alchemy_3_extrachemistry: extra chemistry dose.
  • witchperks_alchemy_4_mixmaster: Mixing mastery.
  • Witchperks_alchemy_5_Potentpotables: powerful potions.
  • witchperks_prowess_1_knowledgeismagic: Magic erudition.
  • witchperks_prowess_2_motehound: Smell for motorcycles.
  • witchperks_prowess_3_chargecontrol: load control.
  • witchperks_prowess_4_hexproof: Immunity to spells.
  • witchperks_prowess_5_magicalresonance: Magic resonance.

Spell cheats and other advantages:

  • witchperks_spellcasting_1_discharge: download.
  • witchperks_spellcasting_2_powershunt: power detour.
  • witchperks_spellcasting_3_spectralreach: Spectral scope.
  • witchperks_spellcasting_4_mastercaster: launch mastery.
  • witchperks_spellcasting_5_masterduelist: domain of duels.
  • witchperks_open_3c_practedpracticality: practicality practiced.
  • witchperks_open_1a_incredibleforager: Collector improvement.
  • witchperks_open_2a_insightFuleye: insightful perception.
  • witchperks_open_3a_mischiefmaster: Pillería expertise.
  • witchperks_open_4a_naturalmentor: Mentor wood.
  • witchperks_open_1b_experimentr: Experimental aptitude.
  • witchperks_open_2b_witchsocialite: Popularity in magical circle.
  • witchperks_open_3b_tametheuntameable: Domain of the indomitable.
  • witchperks_open_4b_magicaldiscouts: magical discounts.

Cheats of curses:

In case you want launch curses With the cheats, you can do it with the following commands:

  • Traits.Equip_trait Namedemaldicion: With this trick, your SIM will be affected by the selected curse (you must use one of the names of the lower list).
  • Traits.stir_trait namedemaldicion: eliminates the effects of a curse from SIM.
  • Trait_curses_infectiouslaughter: curse of the contagious laughter.
  • Trait_curses_nightStalker: Curse of the Night Spectrum.
  • trait_curses_punchableface: Curse of unjustified hostility.
  • trait_curses_repuliveness: Curse of repulsion.
  • Trait_curses_Sweatystench: Curse of the ineliminable stench.
  • Trait_curses_TouchFeely: Curse of the awkward hugs.
  • Trait_curses_wildmagic: Curse of uncontrolled spells.

Cheats for Strangersville

These are all the cheats you can introduce for expansion Strangersville of the Sims 4:

  • Traits.Equip_trait paranoid: Paranóic trait.
  • Traits.Equip_trait infected: Infected trait.
  • Traits.Equip_trait heroofstrangerville: Strangille’s hero feature.

Cheats for university days

Profession/career cheats:

The expansion of university days Ańade Three new professions to the game along with their respective branches. These are: Lawyer , With the branches of private judges and lawyers. Educator , With administrative and teachers branches. Engineer , With mechanical and computer engineering branches. Then we leave the cheats to ascend in these professions.

  • Careers.Promote Law: ascend in the profession lawyer.
  • Careers.Promote Education: ascend in the educator profession.
  • Careers.Promote Engineer: ascend in the engineer profession.

Skills cheats:

In terms of skills the expansion ańade Robotics and Research and debate . As always, we can raise or lower the level of our Sims in these skills with these codes.

  • stats.Set_skill_level Major_robotics #: go up or lower the level of robotic ability.
  • stats.Set_skill_level Major_Researchdebate #: go up or lower the level of research and debate skill.

Just Replace the pads for the concrete number to which you want to establish the level of skill.

Degrees of degrees:

We have the Complete list of cheats for all degrees , which will allow you to obtain a distinguished degree for each specialty or degree of the university and career that you want.

Note: The degrees marked with an asterisk next to its name are distinguished degrees.

Dramatic art degrees:

  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_Dramadebahonors: Britechester University* with honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait trait_university_dramadeba: British University*.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_Dramadebshonors: Foxbury Institute with Honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_Dramadebs: Foxbury Institute.

Culinary arts degrees:

  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_CulinaryartsDegrebahonors: Britechester University* with honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_CulinaryartsDEGREEBA: British University*.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_CulinaryartsDEGREBSHONORS: Foxbury Institute with Honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_CulinaryartsDEGREBS: Foxbury Institute.

Titulations in Fine Arts:

  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_FineartDeGrebahonors: Britechester University* with honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_FineartdeGreba: British University*.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_FineartdeGrebshonors: Foxbury Institute with Honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_fineartderenbs: Foxbury Institute.

Biology degrees:

  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_BiologydeGrebshonors: Foxbury Institute* With Honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_BiologyDerenbs: Foxbury Institute*.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_BiologydeGrebahonors: Britechester University with Honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_BiologydeGreba: British University.

Titulations in computer sciences:

  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_computersciencedeGrebshonors: Foxbury Institute* With Honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_computersciefebs: Foxbury Institute*.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_computersciencedeGrebahonors: Britechester University with Honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_computersciefeba: British University.

Communication degrees:

  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_communicationsDegrebahonors: Britechester University* with honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_communicationsDeGreba: British University*.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_communicationsDeGrebshonors: Foxbury Institute with Honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_communicationsDEGREBS: Foxbury Institute.

Economics degrees:

  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_economicsDerenbshonors: Foxbury Institute* With Honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_economicsDerenbs: Foxbury Institute*.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_economicsDegrebahonors: Britechester University with Honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_economicsDerenba: British University.

Titulations in Art History:

  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_ArthistorydeGrebahonors: Britechester University* with honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_ArthistorydeGreba: British University*.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_ArthistorydeGrebshonors: Foxbury Institute with Honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_ArthistoryDrebs: Foxbury Institute.

Physics degrees:

  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_physicsDeGreBShonors: Foxbury Institute* With Honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_physicsDerenbs: Foxbury Institute*.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_physicsDegrebahonors: Britechester University with Honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_physicsDerenba: British University.

History degrees:

  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_historydeGrebahonors: Britechester University* with honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_historydeGreba: British University*.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_historydeGrebshonors: Foxbury Institute with Honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_historydeGrebs: Foxbury Institute.

Language and literature degrees:

  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_languageandliteRedeGebahonors: Britechester University* with honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_languageandliteraturadeGeba: British University*.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_languageandliteRedeGebshonors: Foxbury Institute with Honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_languageandliteRedreebs: Foxbury Institute.

Titulations in Psychology:

  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_PsychologydeGrebshonors: Foxbury Institute* With Honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_PsychologydeGrebs: Foxbury Institute*.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_PsychologydeGrebs: Britechester University with Honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_PsychologydeGreba: British University.

Titulations in Villancia:

  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_villainydeGrebshonors: Foxbury Institute* With Honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_villainydeGrebs: Foxbury Institute*.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_villainydeGrebahonors: Britechester University with Honors.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_villainydeGreba: British University.


  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_university_Barendegege: Cocktail bar.

Other special cheats:

Finally, we reserve this space for some strange or curious cheats related to the expansion days of university.

  • Traits.equip_trait trait_humanoid_robots_maintrait: Turn a robot.
  • Traits.Equip_trait trait_seasonedgamer: Ańadir to your sim the university trait experienced player.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_hidden_ProfessornpC_isartsProfessornpc: Turn a SIM to an NPC arts teacher.
  • Traits.Equip_trait Trait_hidden_ProfessornpC_issCienceprofessornPC: Turn a SIM to an NPC science teacher.

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