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Perfect Kick is an online game of stopping and throwing penalties, controlled with the touch screen.

General advice: The items make you improve. Be sure to spend money and bonus on items that improve your performance as a penalty shooter and goalkeeper.

Tips and cheats to throw:

– Satin and the corner: a way to end the worst opponents is to throw satin and the corner. It is one of the most difficult stops to calculate and do.

– Combine different shots. Try to deceive the rival goalkeeper, combining different shots, or repeating the same when he hopes you change. That way you will do that you can not train your stops, and you will be able to take off guard.

– First the power and placement, then the effect. It is more important that your shot is powerful and well placed than applying an effect or a floriture.

– The pumped shots can fool the rival goalkeeper: a pumped shot, who first goes up and then goes down, can be lethal for the rival goalkeeper. You cannot foresee whether it goes up or down.

– To make a pumped shot, we have to move the finger first down and then up, drawing a or a v.

Tips and cheats to stop:

– Do not forget that the finger movement must be made from the goalkeeper, starting the finger in the goalkeeper. You can mislead and do it as in other touch games, seeing how your goalkeeper fits a goal without moving.

– You have to perform the goalkeeper’s movement at the right time, neither before nor after. You have to perform the movement by calculating how long it will take to do the stretch, so that it coincides with the ball that the rival triggers. It is necessary to practice to achieve perfection.

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