Cheats Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls – Game Boy Advance – Cheat codes, Guides

Sound test

To access the sound test of the game, complete at least once both Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II.

World Map in FFI

When you are not inside a building or dungeon, click simultaneously B and Select to appear a map of the world.

Secret dungeons

Overcome each of these characters to access each of the secret dungeons, which have random maps, exclusive items and final chiefs of other saga games.

  • Earthgift Shrine: win Lich, which is close to the temple of chaos.
  • Hellfire Chasm: he expires Marilith, who is in the dragon islands.
  • Lifespring Grotto: beat Kraken, near the Melmond Canal.
  • Whisperwind Cave: beats Tiamat, which is in the rivers near the ice cave.

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