Angry Birds 2 – Android – Cheat codes, Guides


Avoid restarting a level by a bad start. In Angry Birds 2 you have a limited number of available attempts.

Instead, try to finish the level with the remaining birds.


Magias are achieved from time to time for free, but they are usually obtained with purchases. Do not use magic until you go through a level at least once to learn which are the most useful. They cannot be used against bosses.

Golden Duck: gold ducks fall. They are strong and will fill the entire level.Frost: Freeze the blocks on ice.Hot Chili: Convert a random pork into a bomb.Pig Inflate: Inflate all pigs until they exploit.Mighty Eagle: shot that destroys everything in its path.

Special abilities

Each bird has its use.

Blues: It is divided into three and passes through the ice.Bomb: explodes with an order or by falling into some places.Chuck: moves straight and can remove pieces of wood.Matilda: Touch to put an egg. Then he will have a turbo.Network: You can move heavy blocks. Silver: Touch to make a loop. You can remove blocks in the turn and reach hidden pigs under blocks.Terence: Without special skills, but you can destroy everything in its path.


– Watch advertisement videos to double gem reward. The number of videos that can be seen per day is limited. You will want to save them for an event in which he fails.

– Complete the daily missions. They are usually very simple and give gems.

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