Mafia 4: Developers finally reveal new information – at least indirectly

The fact that Mafia 4 is in development is now old news. But the job advertisements reveal more than that.

Mafia 4 is said to be a prequel to Mafia 1. So it probably takes place during Prohibition times.
Mafia 4 is said to be a prequel to Mafia 1. So it probably takes place during Prohibition times.

Anyone who works in our industry for long enough will eventually get a feeling of déjà vu à la Moment, there was something like that before . Best example: Mafia 4. New job advertisements from Mafia developer Hangar 13 are currently making the rounds via Reddit , in which the team is looking for reinforcements for the next big Mafia project. It is also mentioned literally for the first time via LinkedIn that it is a mafia successor. For example, with the AI ​​designer:

They [the AI ​​designers] drive the development of AI systems, archetypes and behaviors – from prototypes to the release of the next installment in the Mafia series.

In addition – and here is the déjà vu – there is talk of online functions again. For a Senior Systems Designer, Hangar 13 is looking for people with the following qualifications:

Experience with AAA games, multiplayer titles and/or live service design.

We reported on exactly these facets six (!) years ago , when the very first rumors emerged in 2017 that a successor to Mafia 3 was being developed. At that time it was still unclear what project it would be – and no one had any idea that a remake of Mafia would be released before Mafia 4.

As is well known, the Definitive Edition of Mafia 1 relied entirely on single player, so we can assume that the multiplayer and service expertise was already sought for Mafia 4 back then. It is still not known whether this will just be a skin shop, shallow online features or a completely separate multiplayer mode.

Also exciting : Hangar 13 is looking for people who specialize in stealth in addition to fighting. So we can at least assume that sneak attacks in Mafia 4 will play a similar role to that in Mafia 3, where the main character Lincoln was able to choose his own course of action quite freely.

By the way, Mafia 4 is supposed to be a prequel that takes place before the first Mafia, so probably in Prohibition America in the 1920s. We’ll keep you updated as soon as more information becomes available.

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