Lego Jurassic World Cheats – PC – Cheat codes, Guides

New characters

Pause the game, select extras and then enter the corresponding code.

Dennis Nedry (Hawaiian) Ravkrt

Engine 1 hunter 8xl359

Jurassic Park conductor 3FE78R

Do you have problems overcoming Lego Jurassic World? Here you can find the steps of this adventure based on the films.


Pause the game, see extras and enter cheats.


Acu trooper (female): au25gracu trooper (male): 28Spsrcarlos: vk3tp3carter: 9GESXPCOOPER: 5BETZ5DENNIS NEDRY: RAVKRTDIETER STARK: EKCKLCDINO HANDLER: YQ6S7ZELLIE DEGLER: AV9DTJGYROSPHERE OPERATOR JOS U (Jurassic World): A3HC7EINGEN GUARD JERRY: QKBCWtingen Hunter: 38ywvringen Mechanic: RMVVB8INGEN MERCENARY: VZRSD3INGEN SCOUT: 8XL359JIMMY FALLON: 6MKHSGJOHN HAMMOND (LOST World): PR2R6YJUANITO ROSTAGNO: XTH9A3JURASIC PARK JEEP DRIVER: 3FE78RJUROSSIC PARK PARK WARD Den (Male): xjs7uyurassic world paddock worker: bx9z6rjurassic world ranger: gw9tghjurassic worldWorker (Female): L5AU6YNASH (Runway): Brlnwcraptor Handler Jenny: Sxz7ccs.S. Venture Crewman: 62539Jscientist: xvxgxfscientist: Skklwcudesky: Pfebs6young Raptor Handler: 7VNLJT

Playability cheats Studs Score Multiplier X2 Red Brick: 5MZ73EMINIKIT DETECTOR BRICK: JYJAFX

Vehicles Jurassic Park Reply Vehicle: 3FE78R

Red block location

Location of amber blocks

Steam de Lego Jurassic World achievements

Achievement |Description
Welcome to Jurassic Park Complete ” prologue ”
Something has survived Get “ Authentic Survivor ” at any level
Remember to wash your hands Escarb in manure once
ˇ Dinosaur! Collect an amber brick
Give a helping hand Cure a dinosaur
Calm that precedes the storm Complete ” Welcome to Jurassic Park ”
The objects in the mirror Complete ” closure of the park ”
They are stalking us Complete ” Restore energy ”
I have decided not to endorse the park Complete ” The Visitors Center ”
This is at first Complete ” Sneak Island ”
Mom is very furious Complete ” The arrival of engine ”
The park is open Complete ” Welcome to Jurassic World ”
Jurassic World experience Complete ” Valley of Giraospheres ”
Do they know the dinosaur? Complete ” Prohibited Zone ”
A new alpha Complete ” under attack ”
We need more teeth Complete ” confrontation ”
Do you think he will have seen us? Using camouflage, go to slicing on the side of a dinosaur
ˇNo you go for the grass! Complete ” Los Hundados ”
And the others? Complete ” The Communication Center ”
Going to the screams Complete ” San Diego ”
It is not on the engine list Complete ” The landing zone ”
No one moves a muscle Complete ” El Espinosaurio ”
So dinosaurs are made? Complete ” breeding installation ”
Family reunion Complete ” Eric Kirby ”
Let’s go home Complete ” La Pajarera ”
65 million bricks Complete all levels in history mode
Reason to fear humanity Expires 50 compis
We want to be very happy Put a personalized dinosaur on an enclosure
I have created a new dinosaur Create a personalized dinosaur
Incompatible with machines Try to use a piracy terminal with Alan Grant
They just gave me this shirt Create a personalized character
Hunter in pack Choose two Raptors characters to be the two characters in free game mode
We are out of work… Collect all minikits at a level
We have not repaired expenses Collect 65.000.000 pieces
John Hammond’s inheritance Collect all amber bricks
Survival expert Get “ Authentic Survivor ” at all levels
The concept of attraction Activate the red brick ” Magnet of pieces ”
Do you want to take something? With Dennis Nedry, he launches a can of soda to another character
Hi John! Make the two characters at free play John Hammond (or any version of him)
Basic components of life Build an object of Lego with MR. DNA
Do you mean extincts? Collect all minikits in the game
Send those helicopters Rescue all employees in danger
Lysina: The contingency plan Cure all dinosaurs
You must go faster Complete all races
Observe and document Complete all photographs
Next time it will be perfect Complete the game 100%
A large brick battery Collect all red bricks
Ingenious goal With a velociraptor, she scores a goal in the interactive zoo of Jurassic World
The human toast Give a cramp to Timmy

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